Strategic Supply Chain Solutions

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Locations Under Management

  •     Toronto, ON   165,000 sq.ft
  •     Vancouver, BC   50,000 sq.ft
  •     Buffalo, NY   360,000 sq.ft
  •     Los Angeles, CA   140,000 sq.ft
  •     Miami, FL   100,000 sq.ft

Reduce Capital Investment - You can leverage our established network of facilities in North America and gain cost and service advantages without the capital costs and risks of investing on your own.

Immediate Market Access - Our warehousing systems will provide the optimal staging required of your inventory to reduce time-in-transit and overall transportation costs.

Through our distribution services you can bring your product to market within 24 hours of order fulfillment.

Technology is the backbone of our success - Our warehouse, inventory and transportation management system ensures your inventory and order processing is 100% accurate. Our EDI capabilities are completely customizable to your specific requirements in order to maintain full visibility and control of your product and business.


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